Home for the holidaze

See what I did there?

My vacation thus far in pictures.

The best part about Tulsa is that the city got really oil rich in the perfect time for Art Deco amazingness.  I ate a $4 crepe in this room.


My mom and I bought different kinds of champagne, cava, and spumante and had fancy cheeses.  This was delicious and made me fall asleep on the couch at 6pm while watching Sherlock Holmes.

Went thrift store shopping with the lil bro in an attempt to secure some kind of awesome clothing for the BF.  Didn’t really find anything in an appropriate size (Oklahomans are faaaaat and have the sort of bad taste that can’t even be considered ironic), but found a really confusing shirt.

Made some hot chocolate balls which are quite good, although a pain to deal with because of SARAN WRAP.  I hate hate hate saran wrap.

One more week.


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