current netflix categories recommended for me

  • Feel-good Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead
  • Mind-bending Independent Thrillers
  • Witty Workplace TV Comedies
  • Suspenseful Revenge Action & Adventure

Also, Netflix thinks I will like Macbeth because I enjoyed Arrested Development, Season 1.


hourly comic day 2011

Sorry for the crappy scans.  Remind me to use pen next year!

the bachelor is everything that’s wrong with america

while this show is an awesome trainwreck, oh my dear goodness.  little girls are watching this and getting IDEAS.  we thought disney messed us up, can you imagine what kind of relationship issues these girls watching this are going to end up with???

Lessons I Learned While Watching Last Night’s The Bachelor

  • The search for “true love” means fighting tooth and nail to get that one perfect guy.  Making out with a near perfect stranger?  Starting cat fights over nothing?  Pouting to get attention?  Game on, my friends.
  • A boy who rather ceremoniously dumps two girls on national tv is still a perfect mate.  Because, hell, YOU can change him, right?

  • Only good things can come out of a guy driving you out into creepy, dark woods with little explanation other than the offering of a surprise.


    • An ideal first date involves a guy taking you to a fancy hotel and making you strip down.  And then OMG DRESSES AND SHOES AND MAKEUP AND DIAMONDS!  Seriously – there was a giant room full of dresses (in just her size!), personal makeup artists, and way too many diamonds.  Pretty Woman, much?

    I’m sure there are about a billion more awful things that can be pulled out of this monster of a show, but at this point I stopped watching because the surprise musical guest was Train and I was afraid they might play “Hey, Soul Sister”.

      Home for the holidaze

      See what I did there?

      My vacation thus far in pictures.

      The best part about Tulsa is that the city got really oil rich in the perfect time for Art Deco amazingness.  I ate a $4 crepe in this room.


      My mom and I bought different kinds of champagne, cava, and spumante and had fancy cheeses.  This was delicious and made me fall asleep on the couch at 6pm while watching Sherlock Holmes.

      Went thrift store shopping with the lil bro in an attempt to secure some kind of awesome clothing for the BF.  Didn’t really find anything in an appropriate size (Oklahomans are faaaaat and have the sort of bad taste that can’t even be considered ironic), but found a really confusing shirt.

      Made some hot chocolate balls which are quite good, although a pain to deal with because of SARAN WRAP.  I hate hate hate saran wrap.

      One more week.


      After discovering how to actually play Minesweeper (as opposed to clicking randomly), I decided to change it up and make it even more impossible.

      Not recommended.

      What now?  Solitaire VEGAS rules?

      First world problem

      As social media and web 2.5500 become bigger parts of modern life, weird and new situations are bound to arise.

      Take this one.

      When doing my usual FB perusal (which is to say, randomly clicking on pictures/comments/profiles), I came to the shocking realization that I had been defriended.  This wasn’t unthinkable, it’d certainly happened before, but usually with good reason or by a person I didn’t really know/like that well from the beginning of our  e-relationship.  This person was someone I went to college with, someone in my circle of friends, someone who had lived on the same floor.  As I tried to figure out why she would defriend me, Facebook taunted me.  “You and (name withheld) have 27 friends in common!”  It might have well have said “Here are 27 people (name withheld) has decided to keep as her friend!  Including that guy who has probably owed her money for so long that it counts as theft!  And that creepy guy who is one of the reasons you don’t use Facebook chat!”

      The thing is I don’t really care.  I’ll probably never see this person again.  But it’s too bizarre to let go.  Why did they defriend me?  Have they always sort of just tolerated me and now are relieved to get me gone?  Did I ask for it?

      national unfriend day

      Well.  Okay.   Maybe.

      The thing is, in the past, this would have just sorted itself out.  There wouldn’t be some tangible button that had to be pressed to let people know we had fallen out of touch, it would just happen.  We’d see each other at some reunion and it would be No Big Deal, because that’s how things work.  Nowadays and in the future, we’re going to have these weird social media faux pas that no one will mention, because it seems petty to do so, but EVERYONE will know. - Let's promise we'll always stay close friends but ultimately settle for periodic glances at each other's Facebook status updates

      Because I really don’t care.  I really don’t.  But I feel like I should be able to call someone out who defriends me on a social networking site.  To say, yes, I realize you did that, no, it was not unnoticed.  This feeling probably evolves out of the constant recognition that social media sites give us, but it’s still there.  It seems like our social niceties are being challenged and our culture hasn’t quite come up with the appropriate reaction.

      So maybe it’s just inaction.

      So this is happening

      Perhaps.  I really like the idea of having a place to write some extended thoughts about whatever.  I’ve dabbled in WordPress for school lately and really like the customization and layouts, so we’ll see how this little experiment goes.