the bachelor is everything that’s wrong with america

while this show is an awesome trainwreck, oh my dear goodness.  little girls are watching this and getting IDEAS.  we thought disney messed us up, can you imagine what kind of relationship issues these girls watching this are going to end up with???

Lessons I Learned While Watching Last Night’s The Bachelor

  • The search for “true love” means fighting tooth and nail to get that one perfect guy.  Making out with a near perfect stranger?  Starting cat fights over nothing?  Pouting to get attention?  Game on, my friends.
  • A boy who rather ceremoniously dumps two girls on national tv is still a perfect mate.  Because, hell, YOU can change him, right?

  • Only good things can come out of a guy driving you out into creepy, dark woods with little explanation other than the offering of a surprise.


    • An ideal first date involves a guy taking you to a fancy hotel and making you strip down.  And then OMG DRESSES AND SHOES AND MAKEUP AND DIAMONDS!  Seriously – there was a giant room full of dresses (in just her size!), personal makeup artists, and way too many diamonds.  Pretty Woman, much?

    I’m sure there are about a billion more awful things that can be pulled out of this monster of a show, but at this point I stopped watching because the surprise musical guest was Train and I was afraid they might play “Hey, Soul Sister”.